In every month:                                  Some Bible verses                          

                                                                 Saying of the month


                                                                 Recommended reading


- Stay in the now.


- A lot can be said about a good scarf.

 RECIPE:  Black-bean burgers, served on buns


Get off-grid or reduce your dependence on it.


- A remake of some tired pillow shams.


RECIPE: Meatless (or almost meatless) meatloaf


- Benefit from new-moon fasting

- Closets needing de-cluttering. Try wardrobing.


RECIPE: Cheesey peas and tuna casserole


- Your choice of drinks can save our trees


- Live it up with less: decoration in a simple home.


RECIPE: Spicey corn bread muffins


- Two-wheel out your door and enjoy the ride.


- Grandma's not quite vegetarian grocery shopping list  


RECIPE: Colorful Mexican Vegetable Salad


- Give an old shirt a new life as a shopping bag  


- Be a "use-it-all-up" food buyer and consumer
RECIPE: Venison and Lentil Stew


Color therapy can help you reject consumerism


- Serve cabbage soup often - we'll all be better off for it.

RECIPE: Grandmas’Favorite Cabbage and Bean Soup


- What's in your pantry?


- TV sit-coms - past and present.

RECIPE:  Spinach Greens with Fruit, Cheese, and Nuts




- High fructose corn syrup: Cheap for industry, costly for healthand the environment

- In praise of the simple dish rag

RECIPE: Cheesy eggplant, potato, and black olive cassarole



- Edit your wardrobe

- Stay healthy getting more air and light


RECIPE:  Veggie Omelette   


- Save on food costs

- What to do with extra yarn


RECIPE:  Pasta, Eggplant and Tomatoes


- Cut back on paper use

- Say "no" to kitchen plastics


RECIPE:  Baked Potato, Plus 

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