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 November, 2011

     - Feng shui can help energize your front door and entryway

     - Create a personalized, embroidered picture for a child.

     -  It's jam making time. 

  Recipe: Simple plum jam 

December, 2011

- So, then there were two

- Benefit from new Moon fasting

- Your choice of drinks can save our trees

Recipe: Tofu burgers

September, 2011

 - Make a family memory box

- Rise and shine

- Rest well in your bedroom using feng shui

Recipe: Cheesy Eggplant, Potato, and Black   Olive Loaf

 October, 2011

 - Cooking oil conflicts.

- Where TP is concerned...

- Has having gray hair become chic?
Recipe: Roasted Vegetable Soup


 July, 2011

- Be sure to use alternatives to chlorine bleach

- Ten books for lifetime reading 

- Color therapy can help you reject consumerism
  RECIPE: Creamed Cabbage & Potato Soup

 August, 2011

- Maw Maw's hairbrush

 - Make beautiful beads from recycled paper

- TV sit-coms - past and present.
Recipe: Spinach Greens with Fruit, Cheese, and Nuts

 May, 2011

- Two-wheel out your door and enjoy the ride.

- Grandma's not quite vegetarian grocery shopping list  

- Use natural skin care products

RECIPE:  Colorful Mexican Vegetable Salad

June, 2011

        - Give an old shirt a new life as a shopping bag  

        - Be a "use-it-all-up" food buyer and consumer
      - Serve cabbage soup often.
         RECIPE Grandmas’ Favorite Cabbage & Bean Soup


March, 2011

- Benefit from new-moon fasting

- What's in your pantry?

- Closets needing de-cluttering. Try wardrobing.

RECIPE: Cheesy Peas and Tuna Casserole 


April, 2011

             - Your choice of drinks can save our trees.

- Live it up with less: decoration in a simple home.

- Stay healthy getting more air and light.

RECIPE: Spicy corn bread muffins


 January, 2011

- High fructose corn syrup: cheap for industry, costly for your health and the environment.

- Stay in the now.

- A lot can be said about a good scarf.

 RECIPE:  Black-Bean Burgers, Served On Buns

 February, 2011  

- In praise of the simple dishrag.

 - Get off-grid or reduce your dependence on it.

 - A remake of some tired pillow shams.

   RECIPE: Almost meatless meatloaf

November, 2010

- Save on food costs

- What to do with extra yarn

- Find more storage space in your home

- RECIPE:  Pasta, Eggplant and Tomatoes

 December, 2010

- Cut back on paper use

- Say "no" to kitchen plastics

- What to do with left-over candle wax

- RECIPE:  Baked Potato, Plus  

  September, 2010

- Shrink your carbon footprint

- You can achieve a healthy weight

- Celebrate fall with a leaf stenciled table cloth

- RECIPE: Curried Rice and Pea Pilaf 

 October, 2010

 - Edit your wardrobe

- Remembering the Sabbath

- Focus on miracle foods

- RECIPE:  Veggie Omelet

 July, 2010

- Why you don't need a wide-screen TV

- Knit a triangular prayer shawl

- Do you need a broom closet?

- RECIPE: Vegetarian Black Bean Chili


August, 2010

 - Reduce your meat consumption

- Breadmaking is a hugely satisfying art

- Be "greener" using less energy

- RECIPE: Pan-Fried Potato Cakes

May, 2010

- Catch up on your sleep            

- Make your own Japanese curtain

- Apple cider vinegar is a kitchen staple

- RECIPE:  Refrigerator Stew


  June, 2010

- Owning a dog is a blessing

- Reap the rewards of a simple life

- A kitchen salad bar can work for you

- RECIPE: Summer Pasta Salad

 March, 2010

 - Crochet a round rug

- Planning a kitchen garden

- Find a place for your Bible

- RECIPE: Grilled Corn Cakes

 April, 2010

- Preparing vegetarian meals

- A place for outdoor shoes

- Find harmony in your sacred space

- RECIPE:  Pasta and Simple Tomato Sauce

 January, 2010

- The kitchen: a space, a duty, a joy

- Doing handicrafts is useful and fun

- Keep an inspirational journal

- RECIPE:  Spicy Lentils 

 February, 2010

- Good health is the basis for good living

- Embrace minimalism in your home

- Take steps to use less water

- RECIPE: Veggie Quesadillas

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